Abby Larson, M.A.

Math, Science, SAT/ACT/GRE, and Spanish Tutoring - SW Portland

February 2019 SAT Prep Class

Registration is now open for our February 2019 SAT course (in preparation for the March SAT test. This is a popular time for Juniors to begin SAT prep and I anticipate this course will fill early. Please contact me if you'd like more information and/or references!

2018-19 Wilson High School Math & Science Support Groups

This year, I am offering weekly small-group tutoring sessions for the following Wilson High School classes:

AP Physics 1 (Minato): Mondays 6-7 pm

Freshman Physics/Geometry: TBA (most likely Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings)

Pre-Calculus: TBA (most likely Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings)

Let me know if you'd like to sign up your son/daughter.

Why Choose a Professional Tutor?

1. This is my career. This is not a summer job or a temporary gig on the side. I have the time and focus to be fully dedicated to helping my students acheive their personal and academic goals. 

2. I have professional experience working as a mentor for young adults. I understand the challenges of school and the pressures on students. Being an academic mentor goes beyond teaching the material; therefore, I also work to help students discover thier own ability to learn, persevere, and grow. 

3. I create a detailed plan for each student. Lessons are comprehensive, interactive, and fun. I understand that different learners need different modes of teaching; therefore, I tailor my lessons to students' specific needs. I am experienced in teaching for different modes of learning and learning disabilities. 

4. I work with the student and their family. I keep the family informed (via weekly email updates) on their child's goals, progress, and homework, as well as our plan for upcoming lessons.

5. I help prepare students for higher education. In addition to helping students learn specific content, I work with them on strategies for academic success beyond high school. Specific focus is given to study habits, organization, and personal goal setting. 

Background & Experience

Hello! I am Abby Larson, native of SW Portland and tutor of math, science, language, and SAT/ACT/GRE. 

I began tutoring at an early age, when I would help fellow classmates with math & science. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State University in 2012, where I studied Biochemistry, Physics and Spanish. During this time I worked as a Science and Math tutor for college students.

In 2015, I received my MA from University of Colorado-Boulder, where I taught university courses for 3 years. I received a 4.0 in my Master's program and was accepted to prestigious PhD programs at Penn State, University of New Mexico and University of Florida. However, rather than pursuing a career as a researcher, I found my heart was drawn to being a tutor and a mentor for young adults. 

I am a lover of learning and I feel that cultivating this love for learning in others is the greatest work I can do.


I can be reached via email, phone or text. All tutoring takes places at my office in Multnomah Village (above Marco's Cafe).